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Token Advisory and Distribution Services 

New tokens that are launched may not have adequate liquidity to sustain for an extended period of time without a liquidity provider. The presence of a market maker at the initial stages of the token launch is advisable as a market maker ensures that adopters of the token can acquire the token at different venues (i.e. centralised exchanges, decentralised exchanges or OTC desks) without accruing higher costs due to low liquidity. 

Guidance on Listings

Which cryptocurrency exchange is ideal for listing your token? Listing on Tier 1 platforms demands extensive resources often coupled with hefty listing charges. Smaller exchanges may not be ideal as the token may hit a plateau without reaching targeted volume and number of users, thus making small exchanges less attractive. 


The benefits of narrowing down on a mid-level exchange or a decentralised exchange for token listing may not be evident.


A mid-level cryptocurrency exchange may be ideal for publishing your new coin or token since it strikes the ideal mix between affordability and legitimacy while offering several welcome benefits. They are less expensive than top-tier exchanges yet already have a sizable following of active investors and dealers.


Finding and connecting with the ideal platform is a cumbersome process when entering the market as a start-up or as an established token looking to expand to newer geographies. Based on project requirements and past experience our team of experts would narrow down on a list of exchanges that would offer the best returns for the investment that goes into listing on a new exchange. 

39K takes a tailored approach to curate listing recommendations after analysing competitor exchanges, investor interest and trading volumes. Optimising exchange listing can avoid incurring one time costs that can be further allocated towards social media advertising and other business development activities that would bring increased investor interest towards a token project. 


We utilise our existing network of 30+ exchanges globally to connect you to the right listing partner and would support you in getting a speedy listing on some of the major exchanges due to our strong ties within the industry. Our exchange partners include the largest exchanges in India, Europe, US, Singapore, Hong Kong among other geographies. 


It is now hassle-free to list your tokens on reputable listing platforms. Our superior liquidity provisioning algorithms will give you a foothold on maintaining adequate liquidity for your tokens right from day zero of listing on an exchange.


We support tokens to list on exchanges and offer discounted listing prices for the exchanges we have relationships with.  We understand that speedy listing may be pertinent to a project so we assist with connecting token projects to exchanges directly and do not act as intermediary once the connection has been established.

As an extension of our market making services we also work with tokens to promote and expand initial token sales on a new exchange or provide guidance to improve liquidity of previously listed tokens. As a firm employing individuals with strong technical expertise and having access to a large network of industry professionals within the cryptocurrency industry, we are well positioned to add value to tokens and exchanges at a strategic level. 


In the past we have conducted medium and large scale token sales for tokens looking to enter new geographies and have successfully raised millions of dollars for our partner token projects, via our efficient placing mechanism. 

With extensive expertise in strategising, marketing and liquidity provisioning for crypto projects, 39K is the one of the first and best cryptocurrency consulting firms in India. 


As a consulting partner, we strive to maximise adoption of an ICO, IEO or token projects by creating customised solutions based on the requirements of the projects we work on. We also have a vast network of industry collaborators and can link you with possible backers and collaborators for your project.


Our package of services makes 39k Group a one stop solution for clients looking for liquidity provisioning along with other services that are essential to the success of a crypto project. 

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