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Listing For Tokens

Which cryptocurrency exchange is ideal for listing your token? Top-tier platforms demand a lot of work and money. Small exchanges aren't that hot when it comes to your token's potential exposure and trade volume.

However, the benefits of selecting a mid-level exchange for token listing may be concealed somewhere between.

A mid-level cryptocurrency exchange is ideal for publishing your new coin or token since it strikes the ideal mix between affordability and legitimacy while offering several welcome benefits. They are less expensive than top-tier exchanges yet already have a sizable following of active investors and dealers.


Finding a well-balanced service take a lot of work to be difficult for a startup. However, mid-level cryptocurrency exchanges make even the best offers accessible since they want to draw prospective businesses to their investor pools.

39K takes a flexible approach to creating listing offers, analysing rivals and the top customer demands. This led to several listing requests for services like the IEO launchpad, market creation, trade volume development, and social media advertising. 39K becomes an affordable starting point for new ventures due to all of these incentives.


A huge user base can only be attracted to an exchange if it offers ease and excellent performance. Customer service that responds quickly is another critical sign. In 39K, we're referring to round-the-clock, multilingual help available in many languages.

It is now hassle-free to list your decentralised tokens on reputable listing platforms. We provide cutting-edge technology that will give you a foothold from the inception of the currency or token.

Utilise our intimate exchange network at 39K Group to list your cryptocurrency on reputable platforms. Visit the website to learn more!

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