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Market Making For Tokens

Liquidity in the cryptocurrency market is a key factor contributing to a token’s adoption. Market making for tokens enables sale, purchase and trade of digital assets in a more efficient manner. Market makers ensure that buyers and sellers of a token are able to execute orders without substantial market impact. 


Furthermore, new tokens that are launched may not have adequate liquidity to sustain without a liquidity provider for an extended period of time. The presence of a market maker at the initial stages of the token launch is advisable as a market maker ensures that early adopters of the token can liquidate their positions without accruing higher costs due to low liquidity. 


To execute sales, purchases, and trading of various categories of digital assets in the cryptocurrency market, the practice of crypto marketing aids in bringing buyers and sellers to a single platform. Liquidity is a key component of any market's performance.

A liquid token will find enough buyers and be able to be sold quickly without experiencing a substantial price shift. Liquidity is, therefore, essential for the formation of cryptocurrency markets.

Key features of market making :  


The automated crypto market maker should function on controlled and decentralised exchanges.

Regular Spread

An effective market may be maintained by optimising a consistent spread. Market makers will make more money if the bot maintains a constant spread.

Liquidity maintenance

A successful bot should be capable of sustaining liquidity. It may be controlled by hotlinking to significant exchanges like Binance or Bitfinex or using other programmable API endpoints.


 It should be adaptable enough to configure new trading strategies using modular, programmable algorithms.


If you work with us, you may be able to avoid the issues mentioned below :

The lack of market makers and committed liquidity in a token makes it harder to list on major cryptocurrency exchanges, which reduces visibility and interest in a token project.


With 39K Group, you can ensure 24x7 guaranteed liquidity for your token at significant cryptocurrency exchanges.

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