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Market Making For Exchanges

Solutions for cryptocurrencies' liquidity


Market making is necessary to ensure day-one liquidity and a good experience.


Get projects listed on premium exchanges so they can benefit from steady order book depth and a better bid-ask spread.

End-to-End Program

39K will aid in the launch of your project in every way.

Incentive Alignment

Long-term collaboration and agreement at every level of development.


We assist stock exchanges in increasing the number of shares traded and the liquidity of the market's equities. The time needed for an order to be executed and the transaction costs associated with trading stocks have decreased thanks to the stock exchanges.

We provide the buying and selling prices for the specified quantity of goods. Our group ensures that an investor's request is carried out by selling its assets once the market maker gets it.

We benefit from providing a two-way quotation in the market to offset the risk. The buying price and sale price will be combined in the two-way quote.


By injecting liquidity, we maintain the market's operation. They achieve this by ensuring sufficient transaction volume for flawless deal execution.

Reduce market effect for important pairs on your exchange to only 39K Group to attract large-volume traders.

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