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OTC & Execution

OTC (Over-the-counter) trading permits unwinding large orders with minimal market impact and negligible risk of front running by placing orders outside of a regular exchange. It is a private trading market for purchasing or selling tokens. 

Why Use a Crypto OTC Trading Desk?

Cryptocurrency OTC desks are advantageous to institutional investors, hedge funds, private wealth managers, and high-volume traders. If you fall under the given category of financial intermediaries you may be involved with trading larger blocks of assets and would wish to keep this information private. The usual transaction amount for OTC trades ranges from US$25,000 to US$200,000. 


Trading using OTC desks offers a solution to the issue of transacting higher than average volumes of cryptocurrency. You can easily reach out to 39k for your customised requirements and we would be able to facilitate OTC transactions on a case by case basis.  

Direct advantages of OTC Trading: 

Low Execution Cost

In terms of over-the-counter trading, the large sized orders may move markets. OTC desks ensure that the execution costs are minimal by breaking down the orders and executing it at the cheapest available price.


In OTC trading transactions are not made public making it unlikely that other parties would interfere with a transaction or have any prior knowledge of it.

At 39K Group, you can collaborate with us to receive the best execution at selected execution venues.

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